Follow the links below to connect with resources and information on tick- and mosquito-borne diseases that impact the United States.
What is a Vector-Borne Disease?
Learn about the terms 'vector' and 'vector-borne disease' and why they are important to our health and environment.
Ticks and Mosquitoes in the United States
Learn more about the types of ticks and mosquitoes that can be found in your community, and what diseases they might carry.
Protecting Yourself from Ticks and Mosquitoes
Access tips and resources to reduce your exposure to ticks and mosquitoes, and the diseases they might carry.
Resources for Clinical Providers
Information for clinical providers on the current recommendations for diagnosing and treating tick- and mosquito-borne diseases.
Training Programs
Find information for training opportunities in vector-borne disease management and research.
State-Specific Agencies and Resource Centers
Find contact information for state agencies and programs in your area.